How can we best reduce CO2 emissions?

One answer lies buried in African sands.

Our no-nonsense approach to carbon off-setting is a win-win proposal for local populations and the investing company.

GreenLife CSR is the world's only carbon offsetting organization that does not outsource projects. Our NGO manages the project, getting back to you with progress reports on your investment in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Click here to learn more about what you can do for Africa, its people and the environment by planting a tree with GreenLife CSR.

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Global warming

The climate change effects us all.

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Trees and CO2

How trees can help keeping the balance.

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Social work in Africa is still needed

Win-win situation.

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Global warming Top back to top

The climate change effects us all.

Experts agree that the planet's carbon balance is shifting. Particularly as a result of fossil fuel combustion and changing land use, we have unbalanced the carbon flow between the atmosphere, oceans and terrestrial ecosystems. The resulting greenhouse effect reflects a 28 percent or more rise in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) over the past 150 years.

Today the amount of carbon dumped globally into the atmosphere corresponds, on average, to one ton per person on the planet, each year.

The Earth has increased in temperature by about 5 degrees Celcius over the past century. The increase in concentration of the main greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane is seen by many scientists as the main reason for this effect, the so called “Global Warming”. If we keep producing theses gases withouth neutralizing them, environmental damages are predicted. These damages will not only cause nature catastrophes like floods and droughts but also affect our health and economic development.
It is time to react.

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Climate Interakcive Climate Interactive:
United Nations United Nations:
Climate Change Conference
Panel on Climate Change
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One tree binds one ton CO2 per year! Top back to top

How trees can help keeping the environmental balance.

One tree Plantation in Africa

To combat this rise in CO2, environmentalists emphasize the importance of trees. Because trees absorb CO2 as part of photosynthesis, they can capture some of the greenhouse gases released by cars and industrial plants and thus help combat climate change. It is estimated that the world's forests capture as much as 638 billion tons of carbon each year. This is stored in biomass - trunks, branches, foliage roots, etc. - and in soil.

Environmentalists thus warn of the dangers of deforestation.

Not only does it eliminate CO2 absorbers, the cutting and burning of trees actually releases stored carbon into the atmosphere. Experts say that deforestation accounts for at least 20 percent of annual global carbon emissions. Looking beyond our carbon footprint, conservationists also point to the devastating impact of deforestation on local ecosystems. By eroding natural resources, it accelerates the extinction of endangered species and threatens biodiversity.

Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others? Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Social work in Africa is still needed. Top back to top

Win-win situation.

GreenLife CSR has an in-depth understanding of the carbon market. It is equally in tune with the needs of people in Africa, Asia and South America. Our skill lies in harmonising the climate challenge with the interests of people in these communities.

We specialise in transforming your carbon offset investment into a local asset that helps fight climate change in a sustainable way.

In addition, your investment helps provide much-needed local employment, allowing workers to feed their families and send their children to school. At GreenLife, we make sure all our projects are powered exclusively by local workers.

Local workers in Africa
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